10X Your Business Valuation

We help CEOs and entrepreneurs 10X their business valuation for sale or IPO. We realise 10X valuation results for our clients faster, with less cost and stress.

We excel in helping CEOs and entrepreneurs define a clear 10X strategy, get scale, get funded and get sold successfully.

We help clients obtain 10X clarity, focus, and accountability as we have been entrepreneurs, CEOs, PE, Strategic Buyers, Consultants to realise 10X results.

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What We Do

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client

10X CEO Client , Con Kittos


We advise clients on navigating the path from where they are to where they want to be in the future to 10X their valuation.


Once the 10X strategy is set and a clear map is devised on how to get there, we start working with clients to help them scale up their business.


We work with our clients as they grow to discuss, structure and execute bespoke financing solutions across the entire suite of public and private debt and equity transactions.


Most of our clients aim to 10X their valuation with an aim of exiting via trade sale to a PE group, a strategic seller or an IPO.

“I have known Stefano Solferini professionally for over 10 years. He is a very experienced advisor to CEOs with a strong track record of increasing enterprise value. He has a deep knowledge of how to increase the profit and value of companies, how to scale them up, funding them, and exiting them via private or public avenues. He has built a deep knowledge of the staffing industry by advising the CEOs of some of the biggest staffing groups in Australia and is a truly global executive able to assist CEOs in the USA, Europe and Asia as he has a deep understanding of the cultural nuances in each region. If you are the founder or CEO of a staffing company and would like to scale your business to the next level, I would recommend Stefano and Marco Polo to assist you in the journey.”

Jason Johnson Founder, Managing Partner, Former Global Chairman Association of Executive Search Consultants - AESC / Johnson Group, sold to CT Partners.

“I have known Stefano for 15 years as he was an M&A Advisor to us when I was the founder of Chandler Macleod Group Ltd, Australia’s largest independent recruitment firm. Stefano is an excellent advisor to help businesses quickly scale up, providing the opportunity for a high valuation exit. He provides quality advice to CEOs re strategy, funding, scale and exit. His is practical advice that comes from having been a business builder and CEO in addition to understanding PE, strategic buying and investment banking. If you are looking to scale and exit your business, he can assist you deliver results faster, more efficiently, and with less pain.”

Kevin Chandler Co-Founder / Chandler Macleod Group Ltd and Ability Map Pty Ltd

Stefano and I have known each other for around 20 years. Stefano has been a valued and trusted adviser to me for many years now. Stefano is able to draw on a wealth of knowledge that he gained from his strategy consulting, financial investing and corporate advisory experience. He is highly intelligent and a real driver, with a great attitude and incredibly high energy levels. I highly recommend Stefano in any advisory capacity whether it be in business, strategy, finance or investment.”

John Balass Owner and CEO / Devex

“I hired Stefano on a six month consultancy to advise me on assessing strategic opportunities for our business as CEO of Wilson HTM and to review productivity and processes in one division. I found him to be a very thorough, intelligent and considerate individual who does all he can to get the job done. He is easy to get on with and was highly focused on deliverables for our clients and bottom line returns for the business. I would be pleased to recommend him and/or talk in more depth about his skills to prospective clients who are looking for a can-do person of high integrity”

Andrew CoppinFormer CEO / Wilson HTM

“I’ve known Stefano for nearly 4 years as a strategic partner and client with Berlitz. In this time, I’ve been most impressed with his professionalism. Stefano has been a trusted advisor and adds value with his strategic insights, business acumen, and international connections. He is always happy to help and is an executive with integrity, focus very much orientated on delivering results. This has been of great benefit to the growth of Berlitz Australia over recent time.”

Rohan Baker CEO / Berlitz Australia

I had the pleasure to work with Stefano …. he has demonstrated a relentless will to acquire targets, shaping deals and rev up the productivity of the team. He did that across multiple countries and across all business of Accenture. He managed to close a crucial deal, positioning the company in a leadership position in a high growth business. He created a pipeline of important deals for my own business and thanks to his network revitalized another “dormant” deal. He did all of this in a very short period of time demonstrating his ability to hit the ground running. His professionalism within the leadership team has been great. He is humble, practical and has a clear sense of what is feasible and what is not. Straight talker, competent and determined.”

Luca Martini Head of Strategic Services, ANZ / Accenture, Fmr Partner McKinsey

Stefano has done great work over the last 6 months to drive significant value to Accenture Japan’s M&A strategy working closely with myself (Japan CFO), the CEO and Business Unit leaders of Accenture Japan. With the importance of the Japanese market, M&A is part of our strategic topics.   Stefano has built up a local Japanese M&A team from scratch, identifying/recruiting candidates, training them, increasing our brand and awareness in the Japanese investment market via his networks. He has been key to driving more deal flow, by implementing a systematized, scalable process, that will, hopefully, help us meet our Japan M&A ambitions in the coming years. He is culturally sensitive to local customs, and is able to operate in the Japanese market well for a non Japanese speaker. His global experience (in Asia, Europe…) and personal energy also bring a valuable touch to manage multi-cultural, global teams. I highly recommend Stefano.”

Jean Michel FerrerChief Financial Officer - Japan / Accenture

Stefano worked as an advisor for LIDIS years ago. I was so happy with his work that years later I invited him to take a CEO role for our private equity real estate business. Stefano is an excellent fund manager, investment banker and capital raiser who understands the business very well and is 100% committed to achieving a goal. He is a person of the utmost integrity, tenacity and a pleasure to work with. Stefano was awarded the “Top gun” award for services to the firm on our 20th anniversary. I highly recommend his services.”

Lidis GroupFounder and Chairman

Stefano did a great job for Conrad to formulate an Asian capital raising strategy and executing it in Asia and China. He is very ethical, hardworking, honest, has the right credentials and connections to get your Company in front of the right institutions, and pushed hard to help us however he could. I highly recommend him to be on your team if you want to build your business to the next level.”

Rob Holden Founder and Chairman / Conrad Group

I have known Stefano as a fund manager, business builder and finance executive for many years. He is an excellent businessman with integrity, an international outlook, empathy and diligence. He combines entrepreneurship, private equity, fund management and investment banking skills to add significant value to companies.”

Gordon Cairns Chairman / Woolworths, Board Macquarie Bank

Stefano advised me on several strategic matters and placements when I was CEO of Chandler Macleod. He did a great job… really works for his clients… always fully committed to achieving his client’s goals, intelligent, pragmatic, hardworking … high integrity and is very affable. I would recommend him.”

Stephen CartwrightCEO / New South Wales Business Chamber , Fmr CEO Chandler Macleod

I have employed Stefano through Corporate Advisory to work with me on a number of projects in the Asia Pacific region: I have hired him to provide experienced and qualified equity and business consulting advice. Although Stefano has a remarkable knowledge of risk within the private equity and banking sector, his knowledge of the market and practical experience in developing and executing strategies for growth puts Stefano at the top of the list of equity and capital raising experts. I would highly recommend his advisory and business services.”

Con KittosExecutive Chairman / People Plus, CEO Angus Knight Group

Stefano was hired to assist myself and our Chairman on an unlisted capital raising for YPB across Asia. He was hired due to having successfully acted as a capital raiser for our Chairman for a previous listed companies he ran and where he successfully managed the institutional capital raising. Stefano did a great job to prepare the IM materials, and roadshow the business across Australia, Singapore, and China to VC’s and relevant investor groups. He prepared due our diligence material and worked hard out of Beijing to have all the materials ready in the right manner for institutional review. Stefano is hard working, a team player, and cares for his clients. He has high integrity and I recommend him for Investment Banking and Capital raising work.”

David Kinsman CEO / YPB, COO Mansion, CEO Vido

I have met Stefano during one of our projects in the Gulf Region many years ago, and we have worked closely together in his prior roles in asset management companies where we assisted his organizations internationally as a strategy consultant. When he decided to establish his own entity we immediately brought him on board, knowing his track record in Asia-Pacific, the Gulf but also in Europe. Today he assists both our entities Funds@Work AG and SONEAN in Asia-Pacific (out of Sydney) being our ear on the ground and providing necessary insights as well as implementation support. He has a long track record in the investment industry (both listed and unlisted equity) and is of great value added not just personally but also as a valued partner for both of our organizations.”

Dr Murat Uenal CEO and Founder / SONEAN, Funds@Work AG

Stefano is an extremely talented and experienced professional real estate investor. He has unique insights into the real asset classes and some unique experience in China. I value his skills and am happy to recommend him.”

Andrew Nicholas Global Co Head, Investments / Centre Square (BNY Mellon)

I have known Stefano professionally for 15 years since we were at UBS. He is an executive who has a good understanding and strong demonstrated performance global real estate, capital raising internationally and asset management . He listens to clients and approaches work with focus, diligence and integrity to generate actionable results for his clients.”

Mark EbbinghausFormer Global Head / Standard Chartered Real Estate Investment Banking

Stefano assisted in building and developing the strategy of the Mariner’ s asset management business. He worked well in the team, was very personable and had a great work ethic.”

George LucasCEO / Acorns Australia

I’ve had the pleasure of being in many strategic discussions with Stefano and he always impresses me with the clarity of his insights and global perspective on business. He is a no-nonsense, high calibre individual that is a valuable resource and pragmatic rainmaker.”

Joe Screnci Founder and Chairman / JRS Global

Whether as an analyst or corporate advisor Stefano brings a wealth of experience, innovation, integrity and professionalism. He is very client focussed, and a great team player and leader. I know in his other roles in funds management and Private Equity beyond my immediate experience he is regarded as an industry leader.”

Bruce Wookey Founder / Cartesian Capital, Former head of HSBC IB ANZ

Stefano has built a strong reputation for positioning clients for sustainable growth in both the domestic and international markets. He has demonstrable strategic skills, business accumen and is focused on delivery and execution. If you want someone who can take your business to the next level then Stefano should be on your team.”

Peter Dawson Founder, Chairman / The Dawson Partnership

“I have known Stefano for 25 years since we were at the Kellogg school of management during our MBA studies. Over that time I have witnessed him evolving from a banker to a fund manager CEO, entrepreneur and advisor to CEO’s. His core skills are helping CEO’s with strategy, scaling, funding and successful exits via private or public routes. He is able to do this across borders in the USA, Europe, Apac. He has an excellent track record of delivering for clients. I recommend him to business owners and CEO’s wishing to make significant increases to their firm’s enterprise value and crystallise profits.”

Gad BerdugoCEO at Epivax Oncology , Inc.

“ I have know Stefano Solferini for over a decade professionally and have worked with him as my advisor in projects as Founder of The Dockside Group and Waterborne developments. Stefano is very capable in helping companies set an aggressive growth strategy, scaling up, assessing funding options, and prepare for exit should one wish to.

His background as an entrepreneur, CEO, banker and investor complemented well the skills of our team and added value. I recommend his services to Founders and CEOs wishing to take their business to the next level.”

Christopher DrivasFounder, The Dockside Group, Waterborne Development Group.

Company Size: We work with Founders / CEOs of growth companies with minimum $5- 500m annual revenues.

Commitment: We work with Founders/CEOs willing to commit to a 3-5 years journey to 10X valuation or more.

Investment: We work with Founders/CEOs willing to invest to obtain 10X results at a high ROI

2X Cashflow, 3X Profits, 10X Your Business Valuation ASAP

Have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said ” I really thought I would be way ahead with this business than I am by now”. I want to take it to the next level ASAP! 

I am not making enough cashflow, I need to scale, I need to create a predictable stream of recurring revenues to allay the banks and increase my valuation, I need to get off this cashflow roller coaster, I know if I take this business global and package it well I can get at least 10X more for it than now. I can’t wait anymore, do more of the same, and get the same outcome!

So did we all, including all our clients, and we can help you to 2X your cashflow, 3X your profits, and 10X your valuation asap like we did with them. You can do much better that even that, as many of our clients have, but we set that as the lowest goal to achieve.

If you are at that point, and you are going to seriously invest to take your business to the next level, we would like you to do it with us. You will not waste your money as we are REAL, PRACTICAL, and RESULTS obsessed. Just look at what our clients say. We are the real thing. I have been a CEO and business owner, I know what it’s like to have it all on the line for years. I wanted someone by my side, on my side, with no agendas, who called it as it is, who knew what it was like to be an owner AND had all the skills of top advisors, who was aligned,  and helped me to push my business to the next level, to help me action good things fast and cut bad things even faster.

We help growth oriented Founders and CEOs achieve increases as a first base of 2X in cashflows, 3X in profits, 10X increases in their business valuation. We have a 25 year track record of doing this successfully with CEO’s which you can see from our videos and our testimonials on this website and on Linkedin.

Let’s Get your business Stronger. Funded. Scaled. Sold.

This journey typically takes 3-5 years.

Whether you are a $300m EV company wishing to get to $3bn, or a $10m EV company wishing to reach $100m EV for your first or second round of funding to scale globally, we have done this before with previous clients and can show you how to get there faster, avoid key pitfalls, and reduce the stress of the journey.

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Get there Faster, with Less Pain.

No one has all the answers. Working with someone who has done the strategy, scale, fund exit strategy many times over decades makes the journey much easier.

To have a coach who can help you with a proven map, with a proven path, who has done it before and holds you accountable to results has been proven time and time again to be as much as 7X more effective than doing it on your own.

Our unique blend of business, financial and operational expertise has added long term value to clients consistently.

We have achieved 10X and more results for many clients who have stuck to the plan, been flexible in their mindset, and had the drive to see it through.

10X Results. The Only Thing That Counts.

This is all we care about. To obtain 10X results for our clients via actionable strategies, tools and connections to shorten the process and reduce the pain, costs for them.

Experience gained from being entrepreneurs who have funded scaled and exited businesses, been CEO’s and advised hundreds of Public company and private company CEOs , been PE practitioners, and financial experts provide an unfair edge for our clients.

Our Principals typically have over 20 years experience in10X business valuations and have the scar tissue to help our clients avoid costly traps and meet their strategic objectives effectively.

Your Victory – The Only Option.

We play full out with our clients to win. Nothing else will do. We go full out with our clients as one, and aim for 10/10 in everything we do – together through thick and thin.

We are very selective with the clients we work with, as they have to have the same values, cultural fit and DNA to achieve 10X results.

We work with winners who want more, and want to take their business to the next level.

They think big, 10X, but start small, stay grounded, and focus on EQ and the human element as much as all the best practices from scientific management.

Companies are struggling to reinvent themselves in a rapidly evolving digital world, which is much more agile.

They will disrupt or be disrupted.

They understand that the world is changing rapidly, and to win their firms have to evolve at a higher pace than the external environment to stay competitive.

That is what we do at Marco Polo. We keep learning. We evolve. We look out for blind spots. We keep our clients accountable. We teach to execute at best practices, as that is a true competitive advantage.

When clients need to 10X their business valuation and create a quantum leap in performance, or assist them navigate efficiently through a difficult situation, they hire Marco Polo to assist them.